Friday, September 3, 2010


Few videos on youtube which shows a mom nagging his son 'Mohd Khairuddin' openly so that he will spend his money wisely after moving in to city.Don't forget the video was real hit online.It quiet famous too among teens.

At first when i saw the video,i really pity Mohd Khairuddin since its very embarrassing when a mom openly on a popular video sharing net nagging hard on her son.I also thought his son going to get teased by friends and can't even show his face
in public anymore.

But yesterday,its was clear that the videos are just a gimmick by Alliance Bank for their new prepaid credit card.Its called You:nique Prepaid Card.Honestly,i really think its great marketing strategy after 'everyone connects' by tm last year.

One of the links where so called mohd khairuddin 'mum' is nagging so that 'her son' will take care and spend money wisely with funny 'manglish' language.

Before i forget,the videos also have replies by her son too..

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have many reasons to believe when news broke out that deputy minister involve in immoral activities n drug.One of it was my own personal experience.He was a drug pusher last time at Jln Hang Tuah before involving in politics.

Before this minister,there was a another one but from mca involve in gangsterism but he however arrested many times but many to escape through holes in law.Finally,he move to Hong Kong and spending his end days there.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheated by our government

I wonder how many people in this country knows that we are paying tax for United Kingdom’s citizen.Yeah,it is true.When 34% of Malaysian people are earning below Rm 700 plus our subsidy are been cut without any warning,our government still able to support other countries people with our own money.This haven’t included the Bakun dam project which destroy flora and fauna after finish destroying in peninsular and with added cost of more than Rm 2 billion.
Furthermore,what I’m trying to say is we, Malaysian people are paying the amount the government use to subsidy proton to sell car in UK.This actually means that proton cars which are made locally here cost more than in UK.Don’t you really think this is very unfair?.The ‘highly’ logical reason for this is so that proton can survive with their competitors in Uk with a cheaper car even after almost 20 years of government helps.The point is they still can’t survive without government interference.
So it’s ok.That kinda acceptable but they shouldn’t charge the subsidy they used for proton in Uk on Malaysian who most of them don’t even know that proton car cost more here in our own land.It cost more here because we are paying the subsidy on Uk’s proton car.However,we wont even notice this unless we do some research by comparing proton cars price in other nation such as UK,Australia and even Singapore.
The subsidy we are talking about is not like rm1 or rm2 but thousands of ringgit per car and per person.
The Uk people are really lucky to buy proton but still there higher quality in cheaper price in Uk such as Kia.UK people aren’t that dumb.Moreover,imported car such as Honda,Toyota and Alfa Romeo cost really high due to high taxes that we going to pay when buying imported cars in Malaysia.The reason for this is just to make proton’s car cheaper than other cars.
But don’t you realise it would be cheaper if they didn’t invisibly force us to pay for subsidy for proton’s in Uk?..And one more thing imported cars will be also cheaper in Malaysia.This actually can benefit Malaysian while increasing competition between cars.
Who knows maybe one day Proton don’t even need government due to the healthy competition?….one more thing is proton in Uk are higher quality with advance technology which are not include in Malaysia but still cheaper.Making any sense?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Too many craps…

As usual when I was reading most of Sunday’s newspaper,one particular newspaper really stand out not because of too many nice news but because of too many craps and facts are wrong.I don’t need to mention its “Mingguan Malaysia’’ aka Utusan Melayu on Sunday.Only thing which really interesting in it was the ‘panca indera’ supplement.
The supplement contains about local artist and gossips around them.Last not to be left out,will be one page about Korean artist which doesn’t make any sense at all.Are you not supporting the local artist industry ? or local industry is falling and that why they decide to include some Korean too since there is demand for it.Its show increasing support towards foreign artist specially Korean.
But the really crap I’m talking about is the columnist or opinion writer in newspaper.In utusan, I think they get worst of all.Most of the facts are wrong too maybe they are just too busy with their job I guess.For example, ‘Ku seman Ku Hussain’ its say about recent joint army training with US and South Korea.There was a part which he condemn South Korea that the country will affected on economy and socio politic due to US involvement in the army exercise.Even he says that it will undermine South Korea’s army.Other than that,he also wrote about China’s army training.On his opinion,he says that it was China’s move to oppose Us and S Korea’s joint training.One more thing which he gets it totally wrong will be saying that Japan is closer to North Korea than China.
For info,Us’s involvement in Korea is way far back during Korean War where former president of Us offering to help South Korea to fight with communist North and their involvement still there since Korean War wasn’t officially ended.In fact,we still can see until now Us army joint with Korean army at the Dmz border .There larger presence of them in South too and it affect much the nation.Next,China’s involvement by conducting its own army training.Actually,China already annouce it opposition against North and they were conducting the training with Us’s invitation.Lastly,if he really look at the map if learned geography it clear shows China shares border with North and Japan is was far North but closer towards the South.
There are others columinst such ‘Dr.Ridhuan Tee’ where it says about his oppose ons religion society in schools.Its actually society main aim is provide information their religion an avoid too many free thinkers.But in his opinion,this will create trouble to the nation later.I don’t really get his point on this.Maybe the society want to avoid another Dr like him.What I really saw was his opposition against development of other races.Whats the big deal if all the races develop together.Can’t accept the fact?.
Another ‘Dr.’ such Dr.Rais and Dr.Ling I guess.
Another ridiculous its about Chelsea Clinton’s marriage by Johardy Ibrahim and Media’s control democracy by Mazlan.For Johardy,just google and see how many things are coming out.You get it.
Only columnist I prefer will be ’Awang Selamat’ although he involves in a lot of controversies but he really exposing issue that we can’t never know about it .As usual,other local news are totally one-sided news and wont contain any really important news in the that paper.Lastly,I think the newspaper is total crap.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy week..

Its really been a marathon week since I went to college every single day from Monday to Sunday.Yeah,including weekends!Luckly,Saturday I had a chance to have fun after class.My college mates and I went to times square but the road really jammed up. Frustrating enough I really stres up when I stuck in traffic jam and unfortunately one of my friend become my victim.Sorry!I was screaming and scolding him.Its really annoying afterall.
Back to Monday,I had class on afternoon as usual and Tuesday as usual the whole day but on Wednesday spent some time at starbuck in morning before continue on class at afternoon.Thusrday should be a class but it was postponed last minute and I already at college so we all just discuss of the group topic which my group going to present on next Monday.
Friday , fortune enough the replacement wasn’t cancelled or postponed.I really had fun day on Friday.There was a surprise birthday party to one of my friend.I hope it wasn’t late enough to wish you happy belated birthday! Then,one my classmate was from Singapore and the problem is every single lectures will tease him about Singapore.I really do pity you Singaporean!No offence by the way.
Saturday and Sunday,I should be sleeping at home until afternoon but since there was class specially for us so I went to the in really sleeping mode I guess.Lectures was nice and really helpful but I guess there was some time I fall asleep.Not my fault since its on weekend and lecture was boring.But as you know,I went out after class on Saturday.Afterall,Saturday should be an outing day!I only reached home at 10pm maybe had too much fun.On Sunday,I was really tired so just went home after class and slept!
I guess my family members really miss me last week since I seldom at home!..J

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wastage by a nation...

As the topic of this post,it’s was has been going with Malaysian government or specific Mr.Najib aka Prime Minister of Malaysia.Simply proven, APCO a jew’s company he had spent almost Rm80 billion and now another Rm50 million for political consultant which Washington-based.All this are not considered wastage for him but subsidy for the Malaysian is a wastage for him.He hired a political consultant just to get famous and be popular.Why don’t he just focus on his job as PM.

The Rm50 Million was used so that opinion-editorial article written by him published in one of the major newspapers in the United States which for sure or most probably will be Washington Post newspaper which controlled mostly by american-jews can be said links to APCO firm.The newspaper just about a circulation around 100 000 to 300 000 which almost same or more as Utusan Melayu(Umno owned paper).It also was reported that the company making losses and mayb go bankrap due to lack of sales.

Last, easy as I said why waste some much money which can be used to delevop a nation or even as subsidy on a company or article on a newspaper which does not have any links with Malaysia.This for sure not included the wastage on corruption, cronies and not to be left out the Australian company which under invesgation of Australian police for bribes.The company has contract with Malaysian government for printing the ‘high quality’ Malaysian ringgit.Probably, that’s why Rm5 such low quality in condition and so many counterfeit of Rm50.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Woah!..that one word can explain a lot.True or not I’m going to update my after all the thing i went since last year which i last updated my blog.I should been updating frequently after december 2009 but i don’t know what went wrong and everything seems moving fast.Now in month of july of 2010!Yeah..u guess it right..Almost year i give a break to my blog and a lot things happened mean while that break.
As you know,i now staying Cheras and its kinda suit me afterall.Different people and environment with everything seem perfect with just one thing..Traffic jam!.Its like a shit but lucky enough everyplace are nearer now and can reach within one hour period.Love to walk around kl especially in night..i missing the moment.Then,now i’m doing gardening a lot making it much beautiful and can’t wait to finish it.People are much friendly here too.
Even there is a break for my blog but somehow my life move on too.I may not manage to achieve my ambition to be a pilot after all.Too much objection from my family and i don’t dare to do anything against parents consent.Scared may bring bad luck later.Its been proven ok.So,i’m doing a-level in law at Brickfields Asia College.At first,i thought i won’t like the place and environment but later i found out its the perfect place.Really!.I loving the lectures,new friends and even the college.But surely i really had to struggle and study hard.I already enjoyed too much during school time specialy during form4 and form5.Best moments!.Opps!..I think should apologise for inconvience cause to teachers.Sorry!Just there are few issues which made behaviour like that.
Now,i’m going change the title and probably my blog’s skin too.Going to write more universal and involve more issues but less about my life.I will keep updating too..