Friday, September 3, 2010


Few videos on youtube which shows a mom nagging his son 'Mohd Khairuddin' openly so that he will spend his money wisely after moving in to city.Don't forget the video was real hit online.It quiet famous too among teens.

At first when i saw the video,i really pity Mohd Khairuddin since its very embarrassing when a mom openly on a popular video sharing net nagging hard on her son.I also thought his son going to get teased by friends and can't even show his face
in public anymore.

But yesterday,its was clear that the videos are just a gimmick by Alliance Bank for their new prepaid credit card.Its called You:nique Prepaid Card.Honestly,i really think its great marketing strategy after 'everyone connects' by tm last year.

One of the links where so called mohd khairuddin 'mum' is nagging so that 'her son' will take care and spend money wisely with funny 'manglish' language.

Before i forget,the videos also have replies by her son too..

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